Sakura Sunset

Sakura Sunset

This is another minimalist picture, I wanted to show off just a few things that were beautiful that I really do love. I hope you enjoy as well  🙂

• Light Beams by Cole’s Corner @ The Secret Affair -Cole makes such wonderful sparklie things. And for this round of TSA she made personal light beams that you wear. They come in an array of colors and are just BEAUTIFUL. Pictured here I have them rezed out, they look amazing both ways worn and rezzed out for some sparklie colors. In each beam there is little animated sparkles that just add such a lovely dimension to them and really will pretty up anything and anyone no matter how you choose to use them.

• Sakura Petals by Half Deer @ The Kawaii Project – Wonderful wonderful wonderful litlte tea lights, they come in pink and white for a very reasonable price, as well includes is flying petals for the ground and air or however you choose to use them. The tea lights have such a beautiful glow to them I just adore them and plan to use them wherever I can

• Panties by ieQED – Plume Pearl Panties – White @ The Secret Affair – There is a harness that is available as well  that is now shown here but take my word for it, its is quite lovely. The harness and panties fit really well and can be resized to fit about any shape no matter how wide small ect you are.

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