Protecting the Woods

Wood Elf Fae Warriors Closer


Wood Elf Fae Warriors


Another set I had a blast putting together and picking out a few of the MANY MANY wonderful things that will be available at the march round of The Secret Affair.! I hope you enjoy. I will add a link to the event after it opens.

• Hair by +Spellbound+ – Murder Of Crows @ +Spellbound+ • This hair I have gotten at a previous event, and as you can see for yourself, it is very amazing. It was so perfect for this setting and I wear it often when I’m bebopping around. Spellbound has oodles of wonderful hair, I have quite a few and I have been a big fan since that store opened. If you do not have any hair from Spellbound…. you suck 😛

NEW • Tunic by .AiShA. – Wood Elf Tunic @ The Secret Affair – This tunic comes in Brown, Black and Green, and each color is fantastic, the green is really really nice and I am not a huge fan of green either, but this one I really love, and the textures are really really detailed and well done. The Tunic fits really well and you dont have your body poking out in weird places either. I highly recommend this piece and you can pick it up at Secret Affair this month.

NEW • Boots by Wicca’s Wardrobe – Gypsy Boots @ The Secret Affair – Another fantastic item from Wicca’s and you will not be disappointed. This item comes with a wonderful HUD to change all your colors, and to my happiness, the colors  matched the tunic and  ooooodles of other items I have in my inventory so very well. The back of the boots have AMAZING lace details as well wich make them stand out among others

• Wings by *COCO* – InsectWings @ *COCO* – I really love these wings, they are so delicate looking and VERY unique. Not your average ” fae” or insect wing. The pack is very very affordable and has  several versions, folded, spread and various other open positions. There is also tons of other cool things at this store, I am happy I came across it.

NEW • Hut by PFC~ -Woods’ camp @ The Secret Affair • WOW.. that is all I need to say really. Pucca did it again and has released a MORE then generous pack full of goodies for your woodland camp.  AND! and and and, it even comes with a snowy versions! It is just perfect! The textures are wonderful, the huts have plenty of room and  do not feel all claustrophobic. You really really need to add this item to your inventory, seriously. Below I will attach a little pic of all the items included in this set. Thank you Pucca !

NEW • Pose by an lar – The Paulina Series @ The Secret Affair • These poses are really great! they are subtle and just classic beauty poses in my opinion. A great addition to your inventory indeed !

You can View what Duchess ( on left ) is wearing HERE on her AMAZING blog.



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