Easter Wishes

=Zenith= Photo Contest 2016 - Divine Paine 4

Happy Easter Everyone!

Here is my last photo I have done for the Zenith Contest. And I wanted to celebrate Easter with Zenith’s lovely new dress and bunches of other cute things I found this week.

NEW • Dress by =Zenith= – Strappy Dress with Belt (Frost) @ Uber

This dress comes in several colors and is just beautiful, and has a nice little breeze swept look to it. The outfit also comes with a HUD to change the danglie bits belt texture.

NEW • Neck-piece by =Zenith= – lace mirror collar @ Collabor88 

I picked this up earlier this month at Collabor88 to go along with Zenith’s other outfit, Vintage Rose Dress, but with the color HUD for the neck piece, it matches and looks wonderful with this dress as well! And I am sure it will go with several other outfits also, a really great accessory.

NEW • Gem Eggs by +Half-Deer+ – Egg of Jewels [Pastel Set] @ Oz Hunt 

NEW • Egg Plants by Cerridwen’s Cauldron – Gem Eggs Set @ Oz Hunt

NEW • Heart Bubbles by Cubic Cherry Kre-ations – {Amore} bubbles @ Oz Hunt

If you have not been tot he OZ Hunt yet, you SO need to go, the SIM is fun, Easter eggs all over the place and tons of prizes you can grab up to beautify your SL. Above are a few of them I found there, and they are SO DAMN ADORABLE. From Half Deer’s jewels Eggs to Cubic cherry’s heart bubbles and the egg plants, there is also Ozimal’s bunnies, puffins, and well I just cant name them all but there is a BUNCH. If you would like more information you can find it HERE

Wait with Me

=Zenith= Photo Contest 2016 - Divine Paine

Wait with me, in the warmth of the afternoon sun. Wait with me till this day is done.

NEW • Dress by =Zenith= Vintage Spring Dress (Rose) @ Shiny Shabby 

NEW • Socks by =Zenith= Vintage mid socks (Rose) @ Shiny Shabby 

NEW • Basket bag by =Zenith= Spring Picnic Rattan Basket B (Milk) @ Shiny Shabby 

Zenith has not disappointed us for this round of Shiny Shabby! Here you can find an AMAZING gacha where you can pick up many beautiful dresses and matching accessories. They are just perfectly adorable and just what is needed for celebrating spring!

NEW • Headpiece by *LODE* – Parrot Tulips [spring] @ Shiny Shabby 

LODE, again, has put out some amazing headpieces, each one is so beautiful and I gathered them all up quite eagerly. And I do have to say this headpiece compliments this dress 110% perfectly! They are so fun, all of them and will go with many outfits IMO 😛

• Fencing by Artisan Fantasy @ Artisan Fantasy

Again, I can not say enough wonderful things about Artisan Fantasy’s creations. I am always looking forward to the newest releases as well as over using previous releases into everything. This arbor and fence kits are so  beautiful and will make the most stunning gathering place, garden, whatever ! Each kit comes with TONS of options and 3 styles that will no doubt please everyone’s style preference.

• Grass and Flowers by HPMD – Sweet Garden Grass 07 and Sweet Garden Grass 02 @ Happy Mood

We all love HPMD, we can not live with out the beautiful trees and whimsy grasses and flowers and all kinds of other sugar sweet omg must have’s that can be found there. If you have not ever gone to HMPD before.. I.. I just have no words for you.

NEW • Pose by !bang – lennox @ Collabor88 

 As i stated in a previous blog, I plan to use the new !Bang poses many many times over, they are just so wonderful!


Sakura Sunset

Sakura Sunset

This is another minimalist picture, I wanted to show off just a few things that were beautiful that I really do love. I hope you enjoy as well  🙂

• Light Beams by Cole’s Corner @ The Secret Affair -Cole makes such wonderful sparklie things. And for this round of TSA she made personal light beams that you wear. They come in an array of colors and are just BEAUTIFUL. Pictured here I have them rezed out, they look amazing both ways worn and rezzed out for some sparklie colors. In each beam there is little animated sparkles that just add such a lovely dimension to them and really will pretty up anything and anyone no matter how you choose to use them.

• Sakura Petals by Half Deer @ The Kawaii Project – Wonderful wonderful wonderful litlte tea lights, they come in pink and white for a very reasonable price, as well includes is flying petals for the ground and air or however you choose to use them. The tea lights have such a beautiful glow to them I just adore them and plan to use them wherever I can

• Panties by ieQED – Plume Pearl Panties – White @ The Secret Affair – There is a harness that is available as well  that is now shown here but take my word for it, its is quite lovely. The harness and panties fit really well and can be resized to fit about any shape no matter how wide small ect you are.



This is a shot I did to feature E.V.E’s new release for the Secret Affair. We all love E.V.E and nothing makes me happier then to be able to display and use all her wonderful creations all over the place :O Below is a list of the bubbles I used. You can find more E.V.E and her displays and creations listed below as well.

• E.V.E – Dancing Bubbles {White}
• E.V.E – Big Bubble {Fire}
• E.V.E – Big Bubble {Blue}
• E.V.E – Big Bubble {Green}
• E.V.E – Big Bubble {Pink}
• E.V.E – Big Bubble {Purple}

 E.V.E Main Store

• E.V.E Marketplace

• E.V.E on Flickr

• E.V.E Blog

• UC – Pearl Bikini – Nude @ United Colors – UC has amazing creations, I love love this pearl bikini and picked it up at a past Uber event. You can find it in the main store now, least last I looked you could. :O

Protecting the Woods

Wood Elf Fae Warriors Closer


Wood Elf Fae Warriors


Another set I had a blast putting together and picking out a few of the MANY MANY wonderful things that will be available at the march round of The Secret Affair.! I hope you enjoy. I will add a link to the event after it opens.

• Hair by +Spellbound+ – Murder Of Crows @ +Spellbound+ • This hair I have gotten at a previous event, and as you can see for yourself, it is very amazing. It was so perfect for this setting and I wear it often when I’m bebopping around. Spellbound has oodles of wonderful hair, I have quite a few and I have been a big fan since that store opened. If you do not have any hair from Spellbound…. you suck 😛

NEW • Tunic by .AiShA. – Wood Elf Tunic @ The Secret Affair – This tunic comes in Brown, Black and Green, and each color is fantastic, the green is really really nice and I am not a huge fan of green either, but this one I really love, and the textures are really really detailed and well done. The Tunic fits really well and you dont have your body poking out in weird places either. I highly recommend this piece and you can pick it up at Secret Affair this month.

NEW • Boots by Wicca’s Wardrobe – Gypsy Boots @ The Secret Affair – Another fantastic item from Wicca’s and you will not be disappointed. This item comes with a wonderful HUD to change all your colors, and to my happiness, the colors  matched the tunic and  ooooodles of other items I have in my inventory so very well. The back of the boots have AMAZING lace details as well wich make them stand out among others

• Wings by *COCO* – InsectWings @ *COCO* – I really love these wings, they are so delicate looking and VERY unique. Not your average ” fae” or insect wing. The pack is very very affordable and has  several versions, folded, spread and various other open positions. There is also tons of other cool things at this store, I am happy I came across it.

NEW • Hut by PFC~ -Woods’ camp @ The Secret Affair • WOW.. that is all I need to say really. Pucca did it again and has released a MORE then generous pack full of goodies for your woodland camp.  AND! and and and, it even comes with a snowy versions! It is just perfect! The textures are wonderful, the huts have plenty of room and  do not feel all claustrophobic. You really really need to add this item to your inventory, seriously. Below I will attach a little pic of all the items included in this set. Thank you Pucca !

NEW • Pose by an lar – The Paulina Series @ The Secret Affair • These poses are really great! they are subtle and just classic beauty poses in my opinion. A great addition to your inventory indeed !

You can View what Duchess ( on left ) is wearing HERE on her AMAZING blog.


Relaxing with Friends

Relaxing with Friends


Sometimes being a friend means mastering the art of timing. There is a time for silence. A time to let go and allow people to hurl themselves into their own destiny. And a time to prepare to pick up the pieces when it’s all over. – Octavia Butler

• Hair by Doe: Finn @ Doe – This is a super fun hairstyle, I just love it. I picked this up at a past Uber but you can find it at the main store if you are looking for a fun and flirty updo.

• Cape Dress by -Pixicat- Wintry.Cape Flower @ Pixicat – I got this several weeks ago and have not had a chance to wear it, but FINALLY, I do 🙂 It is really cute, can wear it alone as shown above or with some colorful leggings, or even a maxi skirt, all work well with this, and the floral colors are rich and detailed, very beautiful piece.

• Shoes by fri. – Cora.Heels (Silver) @ fri. – I love these shoes, they fit really well as all fri. products, the textures are nice and the ribbon detail is the perfect subtle little addition that makes these shoes stand out.

NEW • Hedgehogs by Birdy. Hoggy – Snow @ Collabor88 – We can always count on Birdy to give us the most adorable companions in all shapes, species, colors, just everything. These little guys are the perfect thing to cute up your garden, porch, or avatar!

NEW • Birds by MishMish – Birds eating @ Arcade – These little guys I brought home with me from the  Arcade gacha, there you can find lots and lots more little friends that need a good home or garden to live in 🙂

NEW • Hamster by Dust Bunny & OMEN-standing hammie/golden @ Arcade – Oh my Lord, Omen and Dust Bunny!! Two creators I am in love with till the very end. We can only expect the best of the best when you put these two names together and here is proof, as well as the sweet little bird cage to the right, which I  grabbed up with greedy little paws at Feb’s Collabor88

NEW • Flowers in Vase by Ariskea [Le Secret] Spring Flower Pot Orange @ Arcade – These flowers were part of a gacha at the Arcade, the textures are so detailed and rich in color, just wonderful work and time put into these and all the other items that can be found as part of the Le Secret set.

NEW • Wood Stack by [Jammin] Hermit’s Firewood Stack @ Arcade – Another gacha item fromt he Arcade, I have many things from Jammin for by building purposes and I have been a fan of this creator for some time, and I was surprised and VERY happy to see them included in this round of Arcade.

NEW • Pose by !bang – recline 3 – @ !Bang I just got this and had to use it right away! As I said in previous reviews, !Bang has amazing poses. So well done and smooth looking.

• Wooden Bird by [Black Bantam] Wooden Canary Decoration Piece @ Lost and Found – Okay, I “think” I picked this up at Feb’s Lost and found, correct me if I am wrong 😛 I saw the little gacha and I , as always had to be greedy with these little trinkets.

NEW • Backdrop House by Trompe Loeil – Dorina Cottage @ Collabor88  – You can not see its really but the porch part, but this house is featured at this months C88 and it is  SUPER ADORABLE. Then again if you just mention Trompe Loeil to me I will just melt and yell GIMMEH! I seriously must have the entire store in my inventory. ANYWAYS… This pack comes with the house in 4 colors, Pink, cloud, blue and mint, and I love each one, the colors are muted so they do not rape your eyes in color, has a nice romantic feel to them. Here is a picture of them below, since I did not get the whole house :O



Blue Sky Daisy’s

Spring Day

Everyone loves a blue sky spring day, add in some daisy’s and the perfect picture is painted!


NEW • Dresses by Moon Amore Daisy Dress @ Collabor88 – This dress is just pain adorable, I love it so much!! it is dainty, romantic, fun, fresh, just everything. It comes in several colors and they are all just wonderful. The lovely Kynne has on the blue one, myself the cream.

Hair by +elua+ Judith @ +elua+ – I am addicted to Eula hair, its so beautiful and always well done, the colors are really great and also very well done textures. If you have not visted eula before, you SERIOUSLY need to.

NEW • Shoes by fri. – Kendall.Platforms (Cream) @ Collabor88 – fri. always makes adorable shoes, like, SUPER adorable. These cute little numbers are at this round of C88 and they come in a lot of colors, and they patched my dress like perfectly, wich is really rare to find, specially if you are shade picky as me and it has to be ‘just so’. The laces up the legs fit REALLY well, you dont have to worry about your legs poking through anywhere, and same fit with the socks ( Matches this Dress perfect as well  ) that also come with the pack, very very well done as usual.

NEW • Benches by Artisan Fantasy – Ashton Park @ Artisan Fantasy – Love love love everything by Artisan Fantasy. They have a new line out now and its just as beautiful as ever. Shown here are the two benches, there is also cute matching little tables and chairs.

NEW • Pose by !bang – lennox @ Collabor88 • Theres oodles of poses in this pack and each one is very well done, that is no surprise to use, as !Bang has always put out wonderful singles and couples and friends poses. If you have not been to the shop, pencil that in asap 🙂

Secret Garden

Secret Garden


Little something I threw together for spring. I had a lot of fun putting this set and look together. A little play with simultaneous night and day. I hope you enjoy 🙂


In my secret garden, I’m looking for the perfect flower
Waiting for my finest hour
In my secret garden, I still believe after all
I still believe and I fall – Madonna


NEW • Hair by Lamb. Empty @ Arcade – This is another hair from Lamb, available at the Arcade. Both styles are really beautiful! I wore the other HERE

NEW • Dress by -Pixicat- Delicate.Dress (Beige) @ Collabor88 – Pixicat can always be counted on to give us such beautiful things. This dress is a perfect example, with its dainty lace  and ribbons. It comes in several colors and it is definitely hard to decide which to get, but if you are me and all greedy faced, just get them all 😉

NEW • Necklace by Empyrean Forge: Talia’s Heart Necklace @ Shiny Shabby – This necklace is just so beautiful, there are several versions, and  it also comes in gold and silver. I have on the gold version of loyalty. The details are just 100% stunning. If you haven’t picked one or all up, you really need to.

NEW • Shoes by fri. – Kendall.Platforms (Cream) @ Collabor88 – fri. always makes adorable shoes, like, SUPER adorable. These cute little numbers are at this round of C88 and they come in a lot of colors, and they patched my dress like perfectly, wich is really rare to find, specially if you are shade picky as me and it has to be ‘just so’. The laces up the legs fit REALLY well, you dont have to worry about your legs poking through anywhere, and same fit with the socks ( not show in this pic will feature in upcoming ) that also come with the pack, very very well done as usual.

NEW • Pose by (marukin) [azalea] autumn flower @ Collabor88 – The poses in this set are so subtle and just lovely. I really enjoy all of them and plan to use each and every one, eventually :O

NEW • Trees by Heart – Alder Tree @ Famished – Some new trees by Heart! They are really really nice, and several versions come in the pack, saplings, mature, all kinda of shapes, and really low land impact. The details are superb, I plan to use these often 🙂

• Fence & Gate by Dust Bunny – Robin fence dark brown @ Dust Bunny – This cute fence was featured at season story, and I just love love love it. Low land impact, details and textures are really outstanding.

NEW • Swing by Tarte – Garden swing w/ foilage @ Collabor88 –  Super super cute swings by Tarte out now at C88, comes in a few versions, and with foliage or with out. Really cute animations as well, I’m pretty much in love with it.

• Flowers by Heart – Buttercups & Daisy patches @ Heart – I picked these up at a few Famished’s ago, and I still love them just as much as I did when I first saw them. They sit and fill out well with out looking unnatural.

• Flowering Trees by Heart – Kitchen Garden – Apple Sapling @ Heart – Another item I picked up at a past Famished, these come in a decent sized pack with several versions. They are good land impact and as usual good details.






I’m Ready

I'm Ready

This is a picture I did for the Blogger search for Zenith. I hope you all enjoy 🙂

• Dress by =Zenith= Truss up belt dress (Cream) @ We ♥ Rp
• Wings by =Zenith= Feather Wings @ We ♥ Rp
• Headpiece by *LODE* – Violets Wreath [pink] @ Chapter 4
• Pose by Glamrus . Heavenly 04 @ Chapter 4
• Tree / Grass/ Sunlight by HPMD @ HPMD
• Star Sparkle by Keke @ Keke
• Hair by Eula – Oceana @ Eula

My Garden

My Garden

Hello Everyone! Here is some new stuffs, again however I am a bit late but not by as much! The new Secret Affair set kept me really busy so my apologies !

New • Hair by Lamb – Nevermind – Eccentric @ Arcade • This hair is super cute, makes me have that breezy spring feeling and comes in several colors, try your luck at the Arcade!

New • Dress by {u.f.o} Ballerina Dream – Concours White @ Chapter 4 • Okay, lets me honest here, this dress is just plain adorable. U.F.O has a gacha out at this round of chapter 4 and let me tell you, everything in it is need want need want must haves.

New • Headpiece by *LODE* – Violets [original] @ Chapter 4 • I love LODE this is no secret. Here is another drop dead beautiful creation that is an asset to any wardrobe, so fun and fresh and colorful I love all the wreaths she has out now at Chapter 4

• Necklace & Bracelets by Eudora – Eritia Set Gold @ Eudora • These items were featured at the enchantment round Neverland a few months ago, and I love then now as much as i loved them then! You can find these at the main store.

New • {anc} Happy End Park Pennant Garland (pink) @ Arcade • Just wow, this whole set, I think I fell off my chair when i saw the teaser ad’s Anc has never disappointed us and just keeps getting better, and better and BETTER

New • +Half-Deer+ Decorative Floral Antler – Pale – Natural @ Famished • Another cute and rottenly adorable creation from that evil temptress Halogen. But how can you blame us for always falling in love with everything she makes hm? You just cant.

• {anc} suger rose field [old] @ {anc} • I cant say anything else that I havent said before about like  EVERYONES favorite sugar roses, that make any set / event /  home / garden / picture just perfect.

New • Skye Temperate Shrubs @ Studio Skye • THANK YOU ALEX BADER my lord I was using the other bush set for like a million years. Granted, the tropical set is my all time go to since it came out, but now I can add to it with more wonderful foliage!! Thank you Thank you Thank you.

New • Pose by Glamrus . Heavenly 03 @ Chapter 4 • OH such lovely poses, I have never known about Glamrus before, and I feel like i have lived in a hole in the ground. I am a new fan, I love these very much!