My Private Rehersal


Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the Goblin City to take back the child that you have stolen. For my will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom is as great…

When I saw Artisan Fantasy’s creations for Enchantment and The Secret Affair, my heart got all melty and I was reminded of how when most of us were young, we would read and act out, dress up, pretend to be our favorite hero or heroine. It also gave me a little flash back to a old movie which is so cute and ever so fitting. You can  view the clip below. Now on to the details !

Skin: Glam Affair – Lauren – America – 02 @ Glam Affair

Eyes: IKON – Promise Eyes – Moor @ IKON Mainstore

Hair: NEW Calico – Theia Hair @ The Secret Affair  • I haven’t seen hair like this before, I really do like it, at first the large piled up coif was like OMAHGAH but then after about 30 seconds it grew on me and I feel all regal like Queen Elizabeth I, there’s a lot of detail and time put into this, see back shot below. I give 4 ♥’s

Dress: NEW Storybook – Serendipity – Noir @ The Secret Affair • This dress is simple and cute, makes you feel cozy and warm, it is also well made, and the colors it comes in can be mixed and matched really well with a lot of accessories to get a bunch of different looks. I give this 4 ♥’s

Socks: Fri. (Friday) – Lydia Socks in coal @ Fri. (Friday) • These socks are really super cute, they come in many colors and can be used with a lot of different outfits, and gives different feels to each one, very versatile and good price. A total 5 out of 5 ♥’s

Rings: NEW Kibitz – Maya Ring Set – Copper @ Kustom9 • Love all of Kibitz items, the rings always fit perfectly and you dont have to adjust anything, she does a really really nice job with details and  quality and versitile with many outfits I give it 5 ♥’s

Necklace and Headpiece: NEW  Aisling – Ezrah Set @ The Secret Affair • It really is no surprise when we say Aisling, you can expect to get wonderful works of art, delicate chains tangled and woven around into precious stones and metals to  finalize absolute beautiful creative art. The necklace is fancy fancy as well as the headpiece, the necklace itself has its danglie bits down the back, VERY stunning for backless pieces. See below.  I give 5 ♥’s

Back Feature

BackDrop Credits:

Reading Bench: NEW Artisan Fantasy – Hacienda Reading Bench @  Enchantment • This is a really really nice bench, the textures and shadowing, details and more are so amazing. The set comes with a stack of books and  tea pot, a book for your hand and lots of poses, single and couples, as well as Picture frames that come preloaded with some nice pictures, they are mod so you can resize and put your own pics also. Perfection! Thank you AF ! I give 5 ♥’s

Tea Cart: NEW Artisan Fantasy – Tea Cart@  The Secret Affair • Cutest tea cart evah. it goes so well with this reading bench set, and also really well   to match  all of AF’s other amazing items. No room can be complete with out a nice little tea cart nestled in the mix. Thank you AF ! I give 5 ♥’s

Fat Cat: NEW +Half Deer+ – If I Fits, I Sits – Brindle @ Collabor88 •  Halogen…. STAHP!!!!!  For reals now, your cuteness factor is off the charts. Please  calm down on the utter amazing creativity before I implode. kThx. These more then adorable cats come in a box you can click for oodles of diff designs and colors, the cats also come in diff colors as well, like a million! ok not a million, but really lots and lots. You need one or 12 in your life. I give 5 ♥’s


VIEW CLIP HERE ( for some reason wont let me embed it anymore /cryface)


Autumn Winds

Autumn Winds

Put this nice little scene together for Duchess and I. Used so many pretty things I found this week!

I do not have all the details on Duchess’s outfit, BUT you can find them HERE on her Blog site. She has so many wonderful posts and put together so many nice things, you should  check it out from bottom to top !

What I am wearing:

Hair: Tableau Vivant  – Eastern Wind – Ombre @  I can not for the life remember what event this was from! If anyone knows please smack me on my noodle and remind me 😀

Skin: Glam Affair – Alice Skin – Lovely day @ Glam Affair

Eyes: IKON – Promise Eyes – Moor @ IKON Mainstore

Dress: NEW Foxes – Cowled Sweater Dress in black @ Collabor88 • I really really like this dress, it fits well and  doesnt have your body poking through it at times with stand animations like some dresses do. I give this 4 ♥’s

Socks: NEW CandyDoll – Mayumi @ Collabor88 • I about fell over when I saw these at C88, must have, just a MUST. They come with a HUD you can change up the rose colors. I have them set to brown to match my belt, you can see them good in world but in the pic I accidentally blended to much and hid them 😦 But I digress…  anyways, the HUD also has a hide feature, so if your sock is poking out a bit in your shoe or boot just hit the button for the oops spot and poof ! all tucked in nice and neat ! a total 5 out of 5 ♥’s

Shoes: Fri. (Friday) – River Boots in Bedrock color @ Fri. (Friday) • Very cute and versitile with many outfits i give it 4 ♥’s

Necklace: Ison – Nove tribe Necklace (Silver) @ Ison • One of those things I got a million years ago that I still love and wear often. Ison always has such nice timeless items to choose from  GO THERE NAO 5 ♥’s

BackDrop Credits:

Bench: 8f8 – Primavera in Toscana Courtyard Bench @ was from a Gacha event I cant recall which one ! Will Update that when I figure it out 😛

Trees: Little Branch – Japanese Maple versions 1 and 2 • Love love the trees, always so realistic looking sooo perty. Theese are from the October round of Famished, you should be able to find them in the main store link above. I give 4 ♥’s

Grass: NEW Hayabusa Design – Field Customization grass and flower M4 T3 @ Hayabusa Design • OMG I am in love with this grass, it comes in SO many shapes and sizes, and you can even  mod it to fit wherever you want if you feel it doesn’t fit in a specific place you want it to. But it comes with so many options in the box that you  may not even need to adjust. there is 3 to each season included and all are REALLY pretty I give 5 ♥’s

Bike: NEW Ravenghost – Penny Farthing Bicycle Experience @ We ♥ Rp • Okay, I got to say, this little bike is so fun, even tho I crashed all over the place and somehow managed to go off the sim and float into the air because I dont know how to drive 😮 But for someone not as clumsy as me  they will do fine as the bike rides smooth and easy and is so super cute. Coems with a Rezer thingie too so your friends can click and grab one in  a array of color choices. I give 4 ♥’s  -1 beacuse no driver instructor is on hand 😛

Gazebo: LISP –  Persimmon Summerhouse Forest v3 @ LISP • One word. ADORABLE I give 4 ♥’s

Outcrops: Organica – Erosion Pack (rock) @ Organica • Comes also in sand base, these are really nice, they are a face so you will need a backing ie: linden land ect. They are easy to resize and texture, there are 2 faces to it so you can change the grass tops to whatever season you want, or even change the rock if you wish as well to  blend into what you already have. Love these! I give 3 ♥’s because I would like them more if they were full not one face sided

Flying Leaves Foreground: NEW Soy – Ginkgo leaves @ Collabor88 • I really like these, they come in a pack of static flying as well as a few ground  clumps to toss around. A very nice addition for  splash of color and  prettiness. I give 3 ♥’s

Flying Leaves Background: Kalopsia – Flying leaves in orange @ Kalopsia • This is in the top 10 of  my FAVORITE stores. I can NOT go there and buy just 1 thing. She is always making the cutest must have’s, Oh Isabeau Isabeau we ♥ you. I gives 5 ♥’s

I Will Set You Free

I Will Set You Free

There are SO many amazing things up coming for Enchantment November round, I have no idea where to start! However here is another one I did on some lovely things I just adore.

Hair – Magika – Hearts like Ours – Pack01 @ Magika

Skin – Glam Affair – Alice Skin – Lovely day ( Cassia Skin Freckles added on See below) @ Glam Affair

close up2

Eyes – {S0NG} – Runa Eyes in Honey @ {S0NG}

Necklace – Minimal – ABC Necklace in bronze ( All I need to say is I LOVE love love this necklace, it is simple elegance, I am guilty of getting all the metal colors 😮 ) @ Chapter 4


Dress – The White Armory – Miss Wendy Nightgown Set-Dew @ Enchantment (Open Nov 14th)

Cage – Figment – Tinks Cage in Bronze (comes in other metals!) @ Enchantment (Open Nov 14th)

Pictures – Against the Wall – (how great of a name is that for a picture store?!) Shown are Moonscape the Jolly Roger, Chalkboard Laughter ( Hunt Prize! and can  be found at main store HERE) and Chalkboard Lost Boys. There are more but I cant fit them all! And each one is so super adorable. @ Enchantment (Open Nov 14th)

Log Wall Thingie – unKindness – StiKs Lights Dark Wood ( They come in other colors I got them all  😛 ) @ Famished

Surrounding Trees – The Little Branch – Sourwood Cluster {Seasons} @ Famished

Side Bushes and Grass- Happy Mood – Shrub and Sweet Grass no2 both in Green

Backdrop Curtain – {anc} – Lace Curtain bokeh in white

I Believe

I Believe

I Believe

Pixie Outfit – Zibska – Skirts, Corsets, Glittery Wings and Headpieces TONS of color options, Shown here, Blue and White on Duchess, White and Yellow on Divine, Pink all over on Sorchiee. Outfit has an INSANE color HUD, see below. @ Enchantment (Open Nov 14th)


Butterfly Wings – PFC – Wings shown in colors White, Pink and Gold. They come with a SUPER cool HUD, shown below, to customize lots of ways, AND THEY FLAP! @ Enchantment (Open Nov 14th)


Mushroom Mound – MishMish – Super cute Mushroom mound I sized it WAY up for photo @ Collabor88

Weasels – MishMish – As if MishMish doesn’t already make too many cute things that make you melt, now there’s weasels added in! Shown here is a brown one (sized super huge for pic), they come in several colors and many poses, moving and static versions in pack! @ Collabor88

Leafs and Grass – Happy Mood – Big Leaf in Green and Pale, sized up super big. Sweet Grass no2 in Green also sized up hugelike @ Happy Mood

Pose – NRage – Silent Little Faery – Pose 1 @ Enchantment (Open Nov 14th)

Skin – Glam Affair – on Divine Sia – Fairy Tales America 07 @ Glam Affair

close up

Hair – +elua+ – on Divine – Oceana – Blondes @ +elua+

Necklace – [Muse] – on Divine – – @ Enchantment (Open Nov 14th)