Secret Garden

Secret Garden


Little something I threw together for spring. I had a lot of fun putting this set and look together. A little play with simultaneous night and day. I hope you enjoy 🙂


In my secret garden, I’m looking for the perfect flower
Waiting for my finest hour
In my secret garden, I still believe after all
I still believe and I fall – Madonna


NEW • Hair by Lamb. Empty @ Arcade – This is another hair from Lamb, available at the Arcade. Both styles are really beautiful! I wore the other HERE

NEW • Dress by -Pixicat- Delicate.Dress (Beige) @ Collabor88 – Pixicat can always be counted on to give us such beautiful things. This dress is a perfect example, with its dainty lace  and ribbons. It comes in several colors and it is definitely hard to decide which to get, but if you are me and all greedy faced, just get them all 😉

NEW • Necklace by Empyrean Forge: Talia’s Heart Necklace @ Shiny Shabby – This necklace is just so beautiful, there are several versions, and  it also comes in gold and silver. I have on the gold version of loyalty. The details are just 100% stunning. If you haven’t picked one or all up, you really need to.

NEW • Shoes by fri. – Kendall.Platforms (Cream) @ Collabor88 – fri. always makes adorable shoes, like, SUPER adorable. These cute little numbers are at this round of C88 and they come in a lot of colors, and they patched my dress like perfectly, wich is really rare to find, specially if you are shade picky as me and it has to be ‘just so’. The laces up the legs fit REALLY well, you dont have to worry about your legs poking through anywhere, and same fit with the socks ( not show in this pic will feature in upcoming ) that also come with the pack, very very well done as usual.

NEW • Pose by (marukin) [azalea] autumn flower @ Collabor88 – The poses in this set are so subtle and just lovely. I really enjoy all of them and plan to use each and every one, eventually :O

NEW • Trees by Heart – Alder Tree @ Famished – Some new trees by Heart! They are really really nice, and several versions come in the pack, saplings, mature, all kinda of shapes, and really low land impact. The details are superb, I plan to use these often 🙂

• Fence & Gate by Dust Bunny – Robin fence dark brown @ Dust Bunny – This cute fence was featured at season story, and I just love love love it. Low land impact, details and textures are really outstanding.

NEW • Swing by Tarte – Garden swing w/ foilage @ Collabor88 –  Super super cute swings by Tarte out now at C88, comes in a few versions, and with foliage or with out. Really cute animations as well, I’m pretty much in love with it.

• Flowers by Heart – Buttercups & Daisy patches @ Heart – I picked these up at a few Famished’s ago, and I still love them just as much as I did when I first saw them. They sit and fill out well with out looking unnatural.

• Flowering Trees by Heart – Kitchen Garden – Apple Sapling @ Heart – Another item I picked up at a past Famished, these come in a decent sized pack with several versions. They are good land impact and as usual good details.







I’m Ready

I'm Ready

This is a picture I did for the Blogger search for Zenith. I hope you all enjoy 🙂

• Dress by =Zenith= Truss up belt dress (Cream) @ We ♥ Rp
• Wings by =Zenith= Feather Wings @ We ♥ Rp
• Headpiece by *LODE* – Violets Wreath [pink] @ Chapter 4
• Pose by Glamrus . Heavenly 04 @ Chapter 4
• Tree / Grass/ Sunlight by HPMD @ HPMD
• Star Sparkle by Keke @ Keke
• Hair by Eula – Oceana @ Eula

My Garden

My Garden

Hello Everyone! Here is some new stuffs, again however I am a bit late but not by as much! The new Secret Affair set kept me really busy so my apologies !

New • Hair by Lamb – Nevermind – Eccentric @ Arcade • This hair is super cute, makes me have that breezy spring feeling and comes in several colors, try your luck at the Arcade!

New • Dress by {u.f.o} Ballerina Dream – Concours White @ Chapter 4 • Okay, lets me honest here, this dress is just plain adorable. U.F.O has a gacha out at this round of chapter 4 and let me tell you, everything in it is need want need want must haves.

New • Headpiece by *LODE* – Violets [original] @ Chapter 4 • I love LODE this is no secret. Here is another drop dead beautiful creation that is an asset to any wardrobe, so fun and fresh and colorful I love all the wreaths she has out now at Chapter 4

• Necklace & Bracelets by Eudora – Eritia Set Gold @ Eudora • These items were featured at the enchantment round Neverland a few months ago, and I love then now as much as i loved them then! You can find these at the main store.

New • {anc} Happy End Park Pennant Garland (pink) @ Arcade • Just wow, this whole set, I think I fell off my chair when i saw the teaser ad’s Anc has never disappointed us and just keeps getting better, and better and BETTER

New • +Half-Deer+ Decorative Floral Antler – Pale – Natural @ Famished • Another cute and rottenly adorable creation from that evil temptress Halogen. But how can you blame us for always falling in love with everything she makes hm? You just cant.

• {anc} suger rose field [old] @ {anc} • I cant say anything else that I havent said before about like  EVERYONES favorite sugar roses, that make any set / event /  home / garden / picture just perfect.

New • Skye Temperate Shrubs @ Studio Skye • THANK YOU ALEX BADER my lord I was using the other bush set for like a million years. Granted, the tropical set is my all time go to since it came out, but now I can add to it with more wonderful foliage!! Thank you Thank you Thank you.

New • Pose by Glamrus . Heavenly 03 @ Chapter 4 • OH such lovely poses, I have never known about Glamrus before, and I feel like i have lived in a hole in the ground. I am a new fan, I love these very much!

The Forgotten Crown

The Forgotten Crown

Hello! This is a little something something I put together to showcase some of E.V.E’s beautiful creations.

Here you see the Pure Ice Crown, now available at E.V.E’s Marketplace or Main Store. They Come in several colors, and are just wonderful!

Also here in this picture is Dancing Petals Dystopia in Bronze/Gold, these petals also come in a variety of colors and are just GORGEOUS!

Below are some links to find more of E.V.E’s wonderful creations.

• E.V.E Main Store

• E.V.E Marketplace

• E.V.E on Flickr

• E.V.E Blog

I recommend the blog, there is always always all kinds of great and new info on there, as well as information about her creations for Linden Endowment for the Arts.


xoxo  Divi –

Catch the Sun

Catch the Sun


• Top / Celtic Armor by Pure Poison @ We ♥ RP
• Gold Chain Panties by The Forge @ The Forge gacha
• Kylie belly Chain by Kibitz @ Kibitz
• Hair / Mona by Runaway @ We ♥ RP
• Wings / Oree by Soul @ We ♥ RP
• Necklace / Bella by Minimal @ Uber
• Mushys by Half Deer
• Pose / Trust (With out the Deer) by Le Poppycock

Wild Dreams



♥ Hair / Oceana by ELUA @ Eula ( like my fave hair EVER ever…ever..)
♥ Dress/ Flor by Poets Heart @ Totally Top Shelf
♥ Hair Pin/ Phebe by LODE @ Chapter 4
♥ Necklace (my fail at hiding it but its stunning for reals go buy one) by Minimal @ Uber
♥Turbine Flowers by {anc} @ Chapter 4
♥Butterflies by {anc} @ Chapter 4
♥ Fountain by IONIC @ Chapter 4
♥Sparkles by E.V.E @ We ❤ Roleplay
♥Yellow Daughters Lotus and Ground Sugar Roses by {anc} @ {anc}
♥ Pose by Le Poppycock @ Chapter 4

Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories


Left Divine –
• Lingerie: :V.e. Sweetheart Lace Bra and Panty in Rose @ Uber Jan
• Hair: +elua+ Judith in Blonde pack @ Uber Jan
•Wings: Le Poppycock *Fairy Wings* Fortune’s Breath (Folded) @ Wayward Events Jan
POSE: Adrift Door to the Clouds (Pose with out Umbrella – by Le Poppycock @ Main Store

Middle Duchess –
• Lingerie: Ménage A Trios: Lace Shelf Bralett Set 12 by Blacklace
• Hair: Lab 005 by boon ~ Available at Tres Chic
•Shoes: Maine by Essenz ~ Available at upcoming Gacha Garden {Feb 1 to Feb 29}
•Wings: Doll Insect Wings by COCO
POSE: Moon included – Winter Dreams by Le Poppycock available now at Wayward Events

Right Sorchiee –
• Lingerie: Seduce me in Teal by Blacklace
• Hair: Coley by !Oleander @ The Epiphany Jan
•Wings: Doll Insect Wings by COCO
•Shoes: Sardenia by ESSENZ
•POSE: Glint of Light by Le Poppycock available now at Wayward Events

• Stars: White star w/ wrapped lights by [atooly.home] @ Wayward Events Jan
• Book of Magic (Resized a up by a lot) By keke @ Shiny Shabby Jan
• Lace Curtain: Silver:Bokeh:White by {anc}
• Roses: Climbing Rose Vine (Pale) by +Half-Deer+