My Garden

My Garden

Hello Everyone! Here is some new stuffs, again however I am a bit late but not by as much! The new Secret Affair set kept me really busy so my apologies !

New • Hair by Lamb – Nevermind – Eccentric @ Arcade • This hair is super cute, makes me have that breezy spring feeling and comes in several colors, try your luck at the Arcade!

New • Dress by {u.f.o} Ballerina Dream – Concours White @ Chapter 4 • Okay, lets me honest here, this dress is just plain adorable. U.F.O has a gacha out at this round of chapter 4 and let me tell you, everything in it is need want need want must haves.

New • Headpiece by *LODE* – Violets [original] @ Chapter 4 • I love LODE this is no secret. Here is another drop dead beautiful creation that is an asset to any wardrobe, so fun and fresh and colorful I love all the wreaths she has out now at Chapter 4

• Necklace & Bracelets by Eudora – Eritia Set Gold @ Eudora • These items were featured at the enchantment round Neverland a few months ago, and I love then now as much as i loved them then! You can find these at the main store.

New • {anc} Happy End Park Pennant Garland (pink) @ Arcade • Just wow, this whole set, I think I fell off my chair when i saw the teaser ad’s Anc has never disappointed us and just keeps getting better, and better and BETTER

New • +Half-Deer+ Decorative Floral Antler – Pale – Natural @ Famished • Another cute and rottenly adorable creation from that evil temptress Halogen. But how can you blame us for always falling in love with everything she makes hm? You just cant.

• {anc} suger rose field [old] @ {anc} • I cant say anything else that I havent said before about like  EVERYONES favorite sugar roses, that make any set / event /  home / garden / picture just perfect.

New • Skye Temperate Shrubs @ Studio Skye • THANK YOU ALEX BADER my lord I was using the other bush set for like a million years. Granted, the tropical set is my all time go to since it came out, but now I can add to it with more wonderful foliage!! Thank you Thank you Thank you.

New • Pose by Glamrus . Heavenly 03 @ Chapter 4 • OH such lovely poses, I have never known about Glamrus before, and I feel like i have lived in a hole in the ground. I am a new fan, I love these very much!


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