Pixie Dust

Pixie Dust


Okay, more lateness from the bad Divine. All of these items features are mainly from January events. ( Hangs head in shame ) I will include the main store landmarks and hopefully you will still be able to find them. xoxoxo


• Chocolate Atelier – Selma *Flower01* top and bottoms on Kynne Selma *Flower02* ( I think O.o ) • This was in Jan round ( yes Im so late damn it ! ) of Shiny Shabby, it is adorable, like super super cute and fun. I love CA way to much to be healthy. Here is LM for their in world store you may still be able to find it. Figment

• Le PoppyCock – *Fairy Wings* Silver Frost (Folded (on Divine) On Kynne *Fairy Wings* Pink Gossamer – Pose (Divine) *Upon a Winter’s Night* Heart’s Desire.•  These were featured at the wayward Winter Event. And the more and more I see from Le Poppycock the more and more I am like utterly obsessed! I love everything like, truly. Le Poppycock

• Striped Mocha – Fairy Dust Pendant – Silver • This pretty hanging danglie was featured at the Fantasy Collective. I have to say its just so pretty, I love anything sparklie, Glittery and dangling. This nice piece would easily pretty up anywhere, and I mean anywhere it goes with everything and ever theme imaginable. Striped Mocha

• ANC – suger rose field [rose] @ {anc}

• 22769 [bauwerk] – Shroomcluster • These Mushrooms were featured and the Fantasy Collective. Love them! Enough said. Go Buy them you wont be disappointed, one of them, wich  you cant  really see here is a swing and it is adorable as all get go. 22769

• *LODE* – Head Accessory – Melody [white] • Oh LODE, always making the most beautiful things! You do not need me to tell you this. These wonderful headpieces were featured at the Shiny Shabby event in Jan and most likely can be found at the mains tore. Just delicate and pretty I just loves. LODE

• Pr!tty – Lilla @ Pr!tty • Right now Pr!tty is redoing the store so I do not have a landmark to insert here. You can find her hairs all over tho and on the marketplace 🙂 I will update as soon as I can


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