Okay So I have been a REALLY bad girl. I had so much building and events to do I did not have time to post anywhere else but quickies on Flickr. So I am so sorry :O Anyways i will keep all me post that are on catch up a little shorter, I hope 😛

• Dress – Figment – Crystaline in Pearl • This was featured at the Secret Affair in Jan ( I know Im so terrible and late!) But I have to say it is  BEAUTIFUL and it fits really nice. I love it to pieces. You can probably find it at their main store. Figment

• Shoulder and Headpiece – Enfant Terrible – Adorabelle • Another absolutely stunning release from Enfant. The details on these pieces are CRAZY intricate and just so beautiful.This was another item I am late in blogging for the Jan round of Secret Affair. Here is a link tot he main store in case she has, ( hopefully for you all who missed getting this ) set it up for sale. Enfant terrible

• Hair – Elikatira – Fiona • I really love this hair, the shape of it is flawless. I am glad to see [e] back around, I have always loved her work. You can find this  at Elikatira

Now, the trees int he background are from DRD. And no, DRD did not release any trees, however they DID release an amazing tree-house for Jan Secret Affair round. And if you missed out on this, I am sorry in the face for you. What I did however for this pic, was tear the treetops off the tree house :O I know, Scandalous. However I DID make a nice picture featuring that very Item and you can  view it below.

Thank you for reading ! xoxo



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