The Summoner


Summon Closer

  Another picture I have done for some Secret Affair items. This photo was inspired by a friend of mine Kynne, who, while I was getting dressed for another picture, i had accidentally set myself floating over a fire, she made a comment and BOOM  – idea- I hope you enjoy it, I really liked doing this one xoxox

Stone: NEW Artisan Fantasy – Maiden Tor Spring Equinox Stone @ The Secret Affair

• More things from Artisan Fantasy that I just love, I can not find anything I do not like there, If you have never been to their store, you NEED to go. This stone comes in two metals, Bronze and Iron, shown above is the Iron version. They are modify and low land impact, as well as very versatile and can be used in many ways. A wonderful wonderful item to have for suere. I give 5 ♥’s

Headpiece: NEW Noble Creations – Amazon Warrior Crown – Brown @ The Secret Affair

• Noble Creations has two great items at Secret Affair this round, this wonderful headpiece and a war standard ( not shown) this wonderful crown comes in brown and a gold version. It is done well, fits with all kinds of hairs, which lets be honest, is the bane of all headpieces, trying to find hair that will work with  it, yall know what I mean. I give 5 ♥’s

Chest and Arm Pieces: NEW AiShA – Ainia Shoulder with chain in Black and Silver / Ainia Bracers in Black and Silver @ The Secret Affair

• A new creation from AiShA, and is it so  beautiful! The Shoulder/chest piece fits REALLY nice and moves with the body well, and also for the bracers which come in several sizes that fit really well  also and you have none of that, huge width around the elbow and too narrow around the wrist thing going on. I wish it came with matching panties tho, thus because of this I give 4 ♥’s

Shoulder Fur: NEW Cellar Door – Kodaline Stole – Black Bear @ The Secret Affair

• This is only one item that is New from Cellar door, it is a fur shoulder drape/stole that is marvelous! it is not too puffy to the point it ruins any hair that is not an up-do, and comes in several colors and sizes. it can be worn with like ANYTHING, fantasy role play or even modern! I give 5 ♥’s

Fire Helix: NEW E.V.E – Dancing Helix of Snowballs @ Midwinter Faire

• Alas the Midwinter Faire has ended, yet as I have said before I do love everything from E.V.E and I rarely have a picture or build that does not have something from her in it! These Helix of snowballs I tinted to be fiery 😛 and they woked so lovely for this. I am certain you can find them on her Marketplace soon, and I will update with a store loacation as soon as I find it :O. I give 5♥’s

Fire Fireflies: Cole’s Corner –  Night of the Fireflies @ Cole’s Corner • I love these things, they come in a pack with all kinds of cool attachments, Hands, Feet, Halo, Aura, Trails and more. You can rez or wear them, they ad a nice sparkle of life to anything I give 5 ♥’s

Bird Totems: Medieval Fantasy – Wild Bird Totem @ Medieval Fantasy

• I got this awhile ago and I love those nasty dead birds! They have just the right touch of savageness. The textures are really well done and they are not prim heavy at all Medieval fantasy has so  so so so SO many things for just about everything. My Goal is to have one of everything from here to use in my builds 😛 . I give 5 ♥’s


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