Down the Path



Decided to showcase some sparklies, I do so love my sparkles and other cliche girlie things hehe 😮  Anyways, I will keep the credits short, as well, there is not many of them anyways! I will update with location links when event opens, Enjoy !

Stars: NEW E.V.E – Dancing Stars Galaxy –  Gold @ The Secret Affair • Oh Noke, you always make such lovely things, and so many sparkles and beautiful imaginative living art. If you love sparkles as much as I do, I suggest you get these, she made them in TONS of colors, white, silver, gold, bronze, pink, blue, vanilla There is a ring galaxy and then the Galaxy field which is shown here. Covers a large area, and they move around in a slow rotation, very pretty ! I give 5 ♥’s

Bokeh: – Cole’s Corner – Beautiful Bokeh @ Cole’s Corner • These lovely Bokeh are made to actually wear, and they particle effect lightly around you. However, being the weirdo I am, I set them out to decorate around the forest. You can use them either way, they take up like literally no resources I think they run at 00.02 so you can rez them out in areas to add some prettyness. They come in many shapes, heart, flowers, hexagon, orbs, stars and one that a a all in one, that  cycles through all of the shapes. Shown here is Hexagon. I give 5♥’s

Trees: The Little Branch – Sourwood Cluster {Seasons} and Giant Maple.v3 {All Seasons} @ Little Branch • I used two different trees to create the forest, they are set in spring season, both are lovely and fill in a large area, very realistic looking, I really do love them! The Only down side is the clusters can be a little prim expensive, so use them in the right areas and fill in with Little Branches singles and it comes out perfect. I give 4 ♥’s


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