Tis’ the Season to be Sharing

Season for Sharing

In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed. – Khalil Gibran

Season for Sharing too


SO! I went FLF Shopping and I found all kinds of wonderful things for the friday list. So I decided to toss them together for a quick pic to feature a few of them. ENJOY!

Onesie’s: Pixicat – Divine (right) Whimsical Onesie – Cat  Sorchiee (left) Whimsical Onesie – Goat (Rare) @ Pixicat • You can try your luck on the Whimsical Gacha Machine in store to grab up one of these cute onesies. SO adorable they are all great! But hair is limited because of the hoodie thing, but you can find ones that work well and dont poke through so,  I give 4 ♥’s

Lights on Floor: NEW +Half Deer+ – Stringlight Clutter [Set of 3] @ +Half Deer+  • These are on the FLF List and what can i say, they are PERFECT accents for ANY season not just for Christmas. I give 5 ♥’s

Mice: NEW +Half Deer+ – Mr. Mousie [Set] – Natural Tones @ +Half Deer+ • Super cute cute cute. Also on the FLF list, this set comes with the door you can purchase diff versions colors or natural ( shown here ) the little planter, hidden in pic behind milk bottle :/ (oopsie) A little mouse, and a bigger mr deer mousie, some cheese ( because.. well they get hungry of course! ) I just adore as I do pretty much everything in the store, ha. I give 5 ♥’s

Chairs: NEW LISP – Thistle Sofa Dark Leather and Light Leather @ LISP • Another item on the FLF List, these two chair. I upsized them a bit so Sorchiee and I looked a little smaller like lil cat and goat to play with the tiny mice 😮 They have nice animations in them and textures are really well done.  I give 5 ♥’s

Cookie Tray: NEW Artisan Fantasy – Snowden Peaks, Santa’s Cookies @ We ♥ Rp • This little tray of cookies and milk can be found as a gift at we ♥ rp, a very need need item! The textures are done sooo sooo well every little detail has been thought of, just a perfect little something to add the perfect holiday accent. I give 5 ♥’s

Signs on Wall: NEW {what next} – Wintery Porch Sign (boxed) @ {what next} • Also on the FLF list were these cute signs, You can place them in the ground leaning ( they come that way default) or you can strighten them out like I did and place them on a wall or, ground, or whatever you like. comes  with one sign that you click to change the wording on them, There are 4 or 5 sayings to the sign, very nice indeed ! I give 4 ♥’s

Welcome Mat: NEW Kalopsia –  Welcome Mat – Happy Holidays @ Kalopsia • For FLF Kalopsia put out some really nice welcome mats, there was three styles, the one show I sized down to put in front of Mr. Mousie’s door. The textures are nice,  resize well and keep clarity and such. They can be used off season as well as one had cute little birds on it and the other has little ornaments upon it, but they are done in such a way they make great accents and are not just in your face screaming  MERRY CHRISTMAS. I give 5 ♥’s

Setting: NEW Trompe Loeil – Haldis Skybox @ Collabor88 • Very nice little skybox split level kinda type, very nice, you can only see a bit of it in the pic, but trust me, its super nice. Comes with or with out surround, textures are really nice and clear, prims are not to bad 63 prims for the one I am using which includes surround that you can see peeking through the windows in the pic above. I give 5 ♥’s





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